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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chances are full of shit.

The following is from a doctor on the internet-so that means it's true. Plus-I am a pooping genious. I KNOW my stuff about poop.

"So how much crappola does the average person have in them, right at this very second?"

"The Answer is: anywhere between 5 and 25 pounds at any given time,
depending on your diet, and your weight.

I selected this question because I have had hydro-colon therapy in the
past, and believe a clean colon is very beneficial to a person's
overall health. I went in for 10 sessions in 5 weeks. I lost 12
pounds, and I changed my diet.

It has been said that if you eat a traditional American diet, a lot of
processed foods, --that a small portion of the very first meal you
ever had, is still in your intestines, somewhere."


How friggin disgusting is that??
Do you know what helps move things along (pun intended)???

SHAKEOLOGY. Either by doing a cleanse or by just drinking it daily. I promise you-it WILL keep things moving. If you are interested in the shit of shits-please leave a comment and I will help you. Or just click on that shit large banner on the top of this blog and it will take you to purchase. Just remember to get it on home direct (HD) so you can save some cash money ($15/month to be exact).

Happy shi..pooping.

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Jen said...

You're so full of it! :) ha ha Love you girl!