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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leavin on jet plane... **UPDATED**

Well, tomorrow I am. By the time anyone reads this (like the 2 of you) I will probably have gone already. We have an easy flight to ATL at 1pm or something and then we fly to LA from there, arriving at LAX around 6'ish. Which puts us at the hotel around 7'ish, depending on traffic and all the other craziness that is the LA airport. So anywho-if you are going-meet me at the pool bar tomorrow night, I will be having a little welcome, "celebratory" drink before we head off to bed tomorrow night. Can't wait to see you and take a whole ton of embarrasing great pictures! :)


I will not have my period during the Summit. (!!!)

I'm sure J is WAY excited about this factor.


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