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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So in preperation for the Summit, alot of coaches have upped their game physically and nutritionally. Which means for alot of bitchy coaches. Or that may be just me.

Physically: I've started doing doubles 2-3 times a week. What does this mean? I do a cardio sweat session on an empty stomach right when I wake up (the only thing I have in my tummy are BCAAS-Branch Chain Amino Acids to help your muscles along thier merry way). Kill me. It's the worst. But I know when it comes to crunch time for any event (i.e. photoshoots, competitions, SUMMIT) this is what I gotta do. My body responds well to it. My mind and belly give me the finger. In the afternoon-I do weights and a little jumprope speed session (10 min jumprope, followed by weights). I mix it up-whether it's shoulders one day, to legs and butt the next, or bi's and tri's another day. I just make sure I hit each muscle group HARD in the PM. I do take a rest day. But I usually do a great stretch session on rest days. And I do abs twice a week somewhere in there. I sometimes mix up different workout programs from Beachbody as well-since I have all the programs. (Another perk of being a coach-25% off of everything, makes it all VERY affordable!)

Nutritionally: This is my WEAKEST area. I am a snacker. Throw me some chips and hummus. Some pasta. Salsa. Maybe a rice crispy treat. I KNOW. But normally I follow the 80/20 rule even when not in prep for anything. 80% of the time I will eat clean and perfect, 20% of the time I eat whatevertheheck I want. It keeps my sanity intact. Now is a TOTALLY different story. I'm eating, but very very very limited choices. I still eat 5-6 small meals a day. But it consists of the following: Shakeology in the AM-1 hour later a protein shake. Lunch=Wildcaught salmon and asparagus. Snack-protein shake. Dinner=Wildcaught salmon and asparagus. PM Snack if I'm going carb crazy-plain oatmeal (steel cut). PM protein Shake. No alcohol. Then I go to BED. REPEAT. OVER AND OVER. NO VARIATIONS. Fish and asparagus sounds yum right? Well after eating it all day every day it's like the devil in fillet form. But salmon is high in omega 3's which will make your skin glow like a baby's butt and also help with fat loss. Asparagus is a natural diuretic-which means it will help shed any water weight, the natural way. And it makes your pee smell delish.

And OMG the amount of water I am drinking???!!!! I feel like I am preg again with all the pee trips I'm making. But it's all good. It's good to do this to your body every now and then, like a healthy detox. Except it's super long. As a fitness model/fitness coach-you have to be ready for anything 2 weeks out. And 2 weeks is how long I have to do these shananigans.

Results-I have already dropped 4lbs (water weight I'm sure) but it's all fine and dandy because I feel like my muscles are showing more and I just feel better overall. Sleep is like supah fly, and I feel GREAT in the mornings. Until I realize I can't have my Shakeology until I sweat like a sinner in church for 30 minutes minimum.

In other news: The Sephora angels showed up today as well as the angels from Victoria Secret. Some cute dresses and travel makeup/shampoo/conditioner and perfume were delivered. It makes my day special when this happens.

Superspecial un-carby hugs-Demi

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