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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alana Graduates 3rd Grade!

Thank God.

So proud of this little bugger. I can still remember when she got me fat as a cow when I was preg with her, and I can still remember being called to the school when she did something "not fitting a Christian school." Oh for the love. We're normal-not perfect. But I do love her school-it's a good balance of faith, learning, and manners. Our job as parents are to tell her she doesn't have to live to a certain standard of living that the school may put out there-and that it is SO OKAY to be different. And also if someone ever hits her it's ok to kick him or her in the kidneys or balls (if applicable) as hard as she can. Don't judge. But just make sure that you pray before bedtime and talk to Jesus alot. That's what I call (in this fam) a well rounded individual. She also get's me a beer out of the fridge-AND EVEN will take the bottlecap off-and AND use the bottle opener if it's not a twist off. That's what I call a good kid. She also can read really friggin well. Proof:
See? We're not all beer and kidney punching. We do teach our kids, as well as making sure Alana has excellent grades, and excels in her faith.
Also-we are passing down the gift of physical fitness-more proof she is made of amazesauce:
The award I am MOST PROUD of. Dont' judge.

And last BUT certaintly not least: She gets the best award ever. MOST SOCIAL. Because we all know the extroverts are the most successfull in life. Ok I just made that up. But whatever. I like that she ain't scared to talk to anyone (that's not crazy), and will stand up for herself. And she has the loudest voice known to man, with an attitude to match.

What's even more hilarious-Jason had to leave early to go to court. For a speeding ticket. SMH.

Alana, you are my heartsong. I know I will write about you until the day I leave this earth. Until then, be strong, be confident, and be brave. Stay strong in your faith. And in your abilities that you know how to fight. And soon I get to show you how to shoot a gun. Watch out boys.


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