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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And a year has passed... the heck are ya?? It's been almost a whole dang year since my last post-or more-I can't do math. So what's been going down with the Bean Fam since my last post? Well a whole lot actually. I'm going to just get right to it without the fancy wording (like I ever used fancy words anyway).

1) I am still a Beachbody Coach. Not just a regular one though. A STAR DIAMOND Beachbody Coach. Any job title with "star" and "diamond" in it-means one thing: WINNING.

2) I am actively progressing in my fitness modeling adventures. I swear my life is not normal. I say this alot to J. The wierdest shit happens around here. One day we are hanging around the house doing our normal 60 bazillion email responses and phonecalls-and the next minute I get a phone call saying that I am "America's Next Top Fitness Model" (NOT joking) and we're going to Columbus, Ohio THE NEXT DAY for an all expense paid super special trip to the Arnold Expo. AND, AND-I'm going to have a photoshoot done and have an editorial in Muscle and Body MAGAZINE. Hey do you know who Kurt Angle is? Well if you don't he's been in the WWE and now he does alot of other important stuff, and has been around the wrestling (like REAL wrestling too) alot. I had pics done with him as well which made my older brother have multiple convulsions when he saw that pic on facebook.

3) Me and J went through some crazy marriage stuff. Like, marriage is hard. And anyone who says it's easy-please come forth so I can punch you in the face. It's a daily "battle," but one worth fighting and the resulting WIN is always worth it. Love you J.

4) J works at home with me now. Suck it hard 9-5 jobs. No more for us! No offense to anyone that does that kind of thing (we both did it for the majority of our lives). But we make our living helping people get in shape. It's ridonkulous how rewarding this is-emotionally and financially. I almost feel like I'm in the mob. Which is awesome in itself. As always-if you want in on the health mafia-let me know in the comments.

And here are some pictures. Blogger is a pain in my ass so I have no idea where on this post they will show up. Who cares-they are here-somewhere. I'm going to try to post more, on the daily. No promises though. This blog is taking a new direction. No more sugar coating, it's coming to you straight from my brain, no filters. Which means it's going to be pure amazeballs, and probably really scary (for you).

P.S. I'm about to start the hardest workout program in all eternity and it gives me the heebie jeebies. Will post more after my initial fit test. EEk! OH and the chick in the BSN booth is Jennifer Nicole Lee. Fitness Model Badass.

I'm back-Demi

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Jin said...

Hi Demi!! Welcome back!