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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because not every post can be roses

***WARNING*** If you are a die hard Sex and The City Fan, you might want to go somewhere else.

So, here's something that is bothering me today. Call this my rant of the day. Fitness magazine has Kristin Davis on the cover. They say she has "Slammin' Abs". Call me crazy--but I don't see ANYTHING on her stomach besides being flat. Now, don't hate on me right away-I LOVE Kristin Davis-and I love Fitness Magazine. I think Kristin looks amazing! And I'm sure she works hard to be that way. BUT-and this is a big BUT--she shouldn't be on the cover of Fitness Magazine touting about her "slammin abs." I dont' even see a line, not even 1 ab muscle-NOTHING. It's just a bit disturbing to me that a magazine would rather put a celebrity who is "thin" on the cover and not a hardworking fitness model. And no, I'm not talking about myself. There are other celebrities that have "slammin abs" that could be featured on the cover. But really....THIS??!! I think Fitness Magazine could do better. Again-just my opinion-and please, I really don't want crazy Sex and the City followers coming to my house with pitch forks.

A Kristin Davis Fan, but also an abdominal fan, and also a Fitness magazine fan-Demi Bean


Jen said...

I'm with ya babe! (still, I'd trade my tummy for hers) :o)
I really want your abs...but that is SO! MUCH! WORK! (to get and maintain! :o)

Desire said...
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Demi Eliese said...

Maybe, who knows. I'm not judging on her health overall-because she looks great-I just think they could have put someone else on there for the general public to look at for "slammin abs." I used to be overweight too, it took ALOT of hardwork and sweat to get the tummy I got, a bit over 2 years approximately. :)

JenMae said...

I disagree, I think she looks great! But yea i can see where you are coming at about hard work and already being skinny, still you shouldn't slam her for it. Wow, Demi, it took you that long to get abs? is it that hard?