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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charleston Fashion Week!!!

So I just got the news that I was selected to come in and audition for Charleston Fashion Week!!! I'm SO excited! Now, this doesn't mean that I'm an "in" just yet, but I passed round 1 and my application and pictures got me through! It's a HUGE event, with celebrities and everything. Girls come from around the country to apply for a spot. Pray that I get it, how FUN would that be! And they even pick a winner to go to Vegas, and get signed by an agency. I have to "walk" in front of judges and everything for my audition! eek! Time to watch ANTM reruns!! Pray I get through! :)

Check out their site! Click HERE.

-In Him and Health

Demi Bean

PS-I would have NEVER gotten to this point, if it weren't for Beachbody and their amazing programs. SHOUT OUT to P90X, P90X+ and Insanity!! <3