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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This pic of me and Tony SERIOUSLY cracks me up with that hat..good times!

Anywho..."mishmashing" is a term I've been using a LOT lately. I'd say I have a pretty good fitness library. I have P90X, P90X+, Volume 1 of Tony Horton's One on Ones, Insanity, and I am currently recieving Volume 2 of the One on One's with Tony Horton. So, I realized that since doing Insanity, that some of my upper body strength has diminished. As a coach, I fully recommend this program for anyone who wants to lean out and improve their cardiovascular endurance. If you want to keep your "guns," I'd recommend throwing in Upper + (from P90X+) or any of the weighted P90X workouts on Insanity's Recovery or Rest days. Make sure you are eating enough though! Insanity wipes you out, so if you are throwing in more workouts to the bunch, more calories are needed! So, that's where the mish-mashing comes in. This is my official "recovery week" from Insanity, but I've turned it into P90X week. Yeah, I know, not really recovery, right? Well, I've realized for one, my upper body strength has decreased a bit, which I don't like, but I look really lean, which I do like. So I figure, if I just mix it all up together, a hybrid for all intensive purposes, I will get what I want. I measure myself alot (with tape) I don't really weigh myself, and I keep tabs on body fat. For me personally, I know what works for my body. Listen to your body and see what works for you! All the programs by Beachbody are simply the BEST no doubt-it's not all about looking good in a bikini, it's about saving lives, really. To help people live happy, moving, healthy lives. It all starts with having that mental choice, that you ARE going to committ to something, that you ARE not going to give up, that you WON'T measure yourself up against others, and that you WILL treat your body as the only one you have (because it is!) and not like a garbage can.

In Him and Health-DB


Michael said...

Looks like a fun pic! Jealous right now. I totally agree with the hybrid workouts. Sometimes you just need the variety, your body craves it, and as strange as it may sound, WANTS the soreness. :)

Jen said...

Excellent post Demi! Love the pic, of course. So weird that you're WITH TH--he's TOUCHING you! I guess I have this weird thing about "celebrity's"--like I would probably FAINT if I ever met one! ha ha ha
(I'm such a small-town dork!)
Anyway...I COMPLETELY agree with your mish-mashing of P90X and Insanity. That is what my hubby and I are doing too. We will NOT sacrifice our "guns" (or shoulders and backs) ...but we do want to lean out and lose some blubber. Mixing P90X weighted workouts with Insanity's INSANE cardio is proving to be the best combo EVER! I can't wait to take our AFTER pics and see the changes!

Christina said...

I'm gonna get through Insanity and do some mishmashing myself! We have loved combining all of TH's stuff and Insanity thrown in will be awesome! Love the pic, love you!