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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Santa Monica, CA trip=AMAZING!

The only thing really bringing me back is my kids! I had SO much fun here, it was an amazing time, great people, great food, and crazy active. We hiked, swam, talked and connected with great people and I couldn't be more greatful. This is one place that I will absolutely visit whenever I can. And did I mention I got to hang with the crew at Beachbody HQ?! I've met Carl D, John Congdon, and so many more I can't remember them all! What I was really looking forward to though (sorry, I'm being honest!) was meeting the crazy guy that helped change my life...Tony Horton. If you don't know the story (long story short)-P90X (Tony is the ceator) is what helped me lose my weight after having my second baby. But it became so much more than just "losing weight." He taught me about changing it up, finding balance, and finding your inner health as well. He's a great guy-just finished up the "infamous" beachworkout over here in Santa Monica, and yes it was crazy hard-but he definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone like only he can, and I broke some barriers within myself today I think. You have to at least TRY. And who knows, maybe you CAN climb that rope all the way to the top, maybe you CAN do some handstands, and maybe you CAN do some insane pullups. His positive energy and his focus made us all work hard and get it done. was just plain nice and fun to hang out for a couple hours and workout with him! I do miss my kiddies incredibly, so that will be such a nice homecoming. But this week was just amazing. :) And DBold-thanks SO much for letting us stay at your place, we had SO much fun!!


Mike579 said...

Very blessed indeed. Glad you had such a great time in CA at BB. You look great in the picture! Great job. "You have to try"

Michael said...

Wow, you got to meet 'the' TH?

Jealous here.