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Sunday, July 12, 2009

P90X at Costco....


And this is coming straight from Tony Horton's mouth.

They are selling it for a discounted rate-but it's illegal and they know it. You do not want to be apart of something illegal DO YOU?! So please, don't buy it there, and don't recommend it to anyone to buy it there.

Beachbody is the real deal my friends. Buy the system from the real retailer. They work their butts off to bring this amazing gift of health to YOU, so why not appreciate it by buying this product from them. There is a whole community of Beachbody coaches out there that WANT to help you succeed (for FREE!!!) when you purchase the system through them! If you buy it somewhere else, you lose out BIGTIME by not having that available.

And lets not forget that piracy is illegal. Buying P90X off Craigslist is a major risk and downright wrong-you will probably get a package with no nutrition book, and missing and scratched disks. That just sounds like a big rip off to me!

If you are SERIOUS about making a change in your life-do you really want to be skimpy on the product thats going to help get you there? Feel good about your purchased, REAL product..that you are going to get the whole system, online support, and a coach's personal free support throughout your journey.

It's your decision ultimately-make the right one!

In Him and Health-Demi

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Anonymous said...

As it turns out, they are not illegal. You should follow up with a post and stop jumping to conclusions until you know all the facts!