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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back strength is important...

For many reasons other than having visible muscles on your back. For one, many people suffer from chronic back pain. Doing the proper back strength moves will often cure that. Along with having a strong back, you will also have a stronger midsection; it's almost a girdle going around your lower back (a common place for pain) to your abdominals. Alot of people will focus mostly on what is visible to them in the mirror, but do not know that the back view of your body is of equal importance. Programs like P90X have so many diverse moves incorporated into the system that target the back and the inner "girdle" of your body, that it's virtually impossible not to have a strong back and core after doing the program. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to strengthen your back muscles and lessen lower back problems you may have. Of course, always consult your physician before starting a program like this if you have major back problems. Having a coach for P90X will also increase your chances of success greatly, and you can have me as your free coach by clicking here. :)

In Him and Health-Demi

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