Challenge Packs!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You still have time...

If you are the type that goes to the beach with trepidation, wondering what people will think of you in a swimsuit...or if every passing person, you compare your body to their's, know it's an issue that can be dealt with. And also know that you are not alone on that, I used to be that way too. It took time, discipline, sweat, and alot of prayer, but it's a "rut" that is BUSTABLE!

Whether it's 10 lbs you have to lose, or 100, or 200, or more...Beachbody Programs have something that is tailored exactly for you.

No matter what, you have to be happy with yourself first. The hardest step is always the very first one, and after that, you WILL be hooked and on your way to better health! If you need help, our coaches are only a call/email/msg away.

If progress is being made-your CONFIDENCE will soar, and you will strut your stuff this summer on that beach or pool, and in daily life. Your ensuing happiness will be contagious to everyone around you.

Not many programs can make promises like that-but these programs CAN. I can help you accomplish your goals, or any of the fine coaches on my sidebar can. (Peruse through, and see which one you think will be good for YOU. If it's me, that's fine too, I love to Coach! And so do all of the other's..Thing is, they (and I) love what we do. It's also an option to do this as well, to lose weight, and make money...does it get any better than that?

Do you know you also get 25% off all products from Beachbody if you are a coach?
Ain't no shame in that if that's what you sign up for! That's what drew me in too!

What we care about, above all else, above looking good in a bathing suit, is YOUR HEALTH! Everything else will just fall into place. The first step is always the hardest and scariest, but with that leap of faith, will come great rewards.

Take that leap!

In Him and Health-Demi


Anonymous said...

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kenewayne said...

I live in the mountains. :O(

But I grew up on the beaches of Florida!! :O)

Seriously nice post though!

Demi Eliese said...

Thanks Kenewayne, you will always be a floridian at heart :)

that first post is just plain wierd and disturbing! I don't sell that crap!