Challenge Packs!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So here is a pic of what your back could look like...

And I'm not being conceited about this-it could really happen to YOU! I had a sweet girl on Facebook make this for me, and I had to share. The pullup bar from Beachbody is MONEY and doing back rows all the time might not get you where you want to be. Simply put-there is no other piece of equipment up to par with it, as far as strengthening your back is concerned.

On another side note: Do you ever feel tingling or numbness in your hands at night? Or in your arms or legs? That can actually be a medical condition called "Thoracic Outlet Syndrom or 'TOS'." (I am not a doctor, so please, consult a physician for any further examinations or prognosis's.) Which can be a cause of poor posture, among other things. Poor posture "usually" equals a weak back. Alot of people will pay tons of attention to their chest muscles, and not as much to the back. The back needs to be given the same attention for your posture to be good, and to have a good and healthy spine.

In Him and Health-Demi


The Noy Maker said...

Great back pic! Maybe BB will be using it soon!

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!!!!!!!! Me like!!

Demi Eliese said...

Thanks girls! :)

kenewayne said...

SU-WEEET picture Demi!!

...and not conceited...just proud of your hard work! :O)

Jen said...

Girl you lookin' good!
I think the back is one of those areas that people overlook the beauty of! A toned, musclar, cut back is VERY hot! (and even though we can't see our own very often...plenty of other people can see it!!)
Wish I had someone to take cool pics like that of me!