Challenge Packs!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Upper Plus..then tonight Abs/Core +..Home

What a great workout! I love this one, it moves quick, gets the job done, and I even had time to shower before Isabel woke up from her nap! I'll have to do core later in the evening when the hubs gets home, but hey, as long as it gets done, it's done!

Homelife is great so far in our townhome!! Everything is FINALLY done and we are already on our new routine, which is so refreshing. I think Isabel is diggin' the beige carpet because it's easy on her crawling little knees! :)

Alana LOVES her new place, her new room, and she has been the BEST helper! She has her own dedicated spot for her homework, and she loves doing it, which is wonderful!

So all in all-Home Life is going great so far! I will def post some pics soon :)

-Love Demi


Christina said...

That IS a great workout!! Glad to hear ya'll are already getting settled... you get organized quickly!!

Single Mom in the Suburbs said...

What a great workout! The one thing I love about moving is organizing and setting the new place up exactly the way I want it. I never had any luck with thins staying that way, though lol