Challenge Packs!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Intro Vid

Ok, seriously, don't knock my hair! I just woke up, it was early, and I decided to do this right before I worked out. Keepin' it real! No makeup, No hairdo, but hey, when you are doing a Beachbody program-the sweat will ruin whatever you have goin' on, I learned that the hard way! :)

And the lighting is aweful, I know, but It's just me and the computer :). The vocals are much more important!

Enjoy :)


Christina said...

Can I just say... you are so amazing and authentic. Your desire is contagious and I'm glad to be doing this thing with ya girl! Love ya!

kenewayne said...

VERY nice video! You're first video actually inspired me to get one going myself...well, along with Christina's hubby, Jeremy, telling me every other day to get it done! :O)