Challenge Packs!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Now you know I post things like this from time to time, It's my blog and I can say what I want :)

What bugs me:

1) People who think you are going "crazy" because you "work out all the time" with programs like P90X. Or if you're one of those individuals who do doubles, or doesn't cheat, or if you really follow the program. I've been accused of having an eating disorder, that I've gone "crazy" with my workouts, and seen other people have the same things said to them. To this I say: Ignorance.

Some back history: A while ago when I was in the Marines, I thought it would be fun to compete in Miss Beaufort (have your laughs now!), a figure competition in SC. The training was grueling, and the diet was rough. Talk about a bland diet! The only thing I ate was chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli, and water. That's it!! For months, I would workout sometimes 2-3 times a day, because that is how competitors train, it was hard, and fun at the same time. But then I became pregnant..and the rest is history! :) Look at figure competitions and how the bodies of these amazing women look..I know for a fact they are probably doing a "bit" more than a typical P90X or + program with doubles, or triples even!

2) If you are doing a Beachbody program by the book, even if you are doing doubles, and following the nutrition guides: chances are, you are losing weight, getting lean, and thinking about becoming a coach. Because you BELIEVE in the products, and you get excited about them. There is nothing wrong with that! Ignore anyone that tries to stand in the way of your successes!

If anyone ever, ever says anything to put you down, or dare accuse you of having an eating disorder: Just show them your sixpack. They'll be quiet real quick I promise.

Honesty spoken with love. :)

In Him and Health-Demi


Jess said...

Awesome post!!! So true!

J. Branson said...

Great post...But I only have a 1 pack! :-)

Jen said...

Puh-Reach it Sista!! Amen, Amen, Amen!!!
Ps. I have a 6-pack..I just keep it in the back of the fridge! he he he

Christina said...

I think we're on the same brain wave this week!!! Nicely put!

KC said...

Amen! I'm with ya! I've been accused I don't know how many times of being anorexic; to which I respond "anorexic individuals don't eat, are unhealthy, and have no muscle...that is definitely NOT me!"
I think people judge, and make these comments because they are jealous and they simply don't understand.

Demi Eliese said...

You are so funny Jeremy and Jen! It'll come, there's no way you can't get one with the +!

Christina and KC-I know it's crazy and hard when you hear those comments. I don't get it either, because, like you said KC, people with eating disorders don't have muscle and are just plain sickly. All of us-are definately NOT that! We are constantly buying food, because I eat it all! LOL