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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bikini or moo-moo? You decide.

I posted this on Facebook too...

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Get Healthy, People!

I don't think people realize how good working out makes you feel. How good "clean" eating makes you feel. To be committed to yourself, and treating your body as a temple, now that's a great thing.

Alot of gals (and guys!) out there are probably dreading swimsuit season right about now. But guess what? You STILL have plenty of time to look good in it. You STILL have time to feel good from the inside out. You STILL have time to change your life. A good life starts with a healthy YOU. When you are healthy, everybody else that touches your life will benefit from it, i.e. your kids, husband, friends. Obesity is at an all time high, and it just keeps getting passed down. Do you want to pass down obesity, and all the health hazards that come with that to your children? I know you don't.

Don't have time? Well...I think you do. You just have to make time for it. One program through Beachbody is geared for the busiest of people..if you have 10 minutes a day, then you have no excuses!

If you have more than 10 minutes, even better. There are a smorgasborg of programs through Beachbody that promise to get you fit, ripped, toned, and healthy. AND, you can do it all at home. Have a DVD player? That's all you need!

If you're ready to make a change, I can help you choose which one is right for you. Free coaching is provided by myself along your whole journey.

In these tough times, people are cancelling their gym memberships left and right. I was one of those. And you know what? P90X (a program through Beachbody) gave me WAY better results than any day I did in the gym, and I was studying to be a certified personal trainer! If anyone "knew" how to work should have been me. Boy, was I wrong. Beachbody taught me things I never knew..gave me new moves, insight, and knowledge that is on the forefront of health and fitness. Plus, it was lighter on my wallet than shelling out expensive monthly gym dues. you are ready."

In Health-Demi


Alissa said...

I have people asking me about P90X here and there, so if anyone wants to take the plunge, I'll send them your way! I'm feeling great! Thanks for the support!

Missresa said...

Thanks, Demi, for the sweet comment you put on my blog. I've been hiding from my camera for a long time, but I think it's time to get over that. I need to hold myself accountable, but also have proof that I've been working my tail off!!!

I might have some people I'll send your way. I've been telling everyone I know about P90X... There has been some tremendous interest in it, but I think they're waiting to see what kind of results I'll have... The pressure is on, but it makes me want to work that much harder... Bring it!!! :o)

Jen said...

Hey sweets! Great post! You know I'm all over anything BeachBody has!! you might wanna fix your link there at the people can actually click on it and go right to your BB site. I think you'll have to scoot the ....whenever you're ready." over.
Anyway, I love your motivational speeches! Even though I'm already doing it...I can ALWAYS use some encouragement and an extra push in the right direction! :o)