Challenge Packs!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I know write about it alot. But let me tell you something.

It was actually, dare I say-kind of easy!

I never thought I would type those words. But seriously, the only thing that I really can't stand, and that's still always hard is the "switch 180 squat jumps." Those get my legs nice and burning. The last couple cycles are ALWAYS hard, and I'm sweaty beyond belief-don't get me wrong. But I remember during even the first couple cycles, I would be out of breath, DYING feeling, it was SO hard for me in the past. Today, I was barely in a sweat (just in the beginning), and I felt great! I kept up with Dom, and I felt like I could do anything!

Date night tonight-I'm going to wear something SEXAY that will make Jason's head spin! haha :)


life in a positive direction said...

Whoa!!! That is amazing!!! I am going for the same. Wish me luck!! Love you-great job!!!

Brad Eickman / Bratler said...

So now that you're a Plyo veteran it's time for a challenge. Do what we call, "Double-Jump Challenge" The second time through doing Jump Knee Tucks, do them Double time as fast as you can, count how many and then follow that up with double time Mary Katherines, count how many you get. No break in between. Record your heart rate. :) BRING IT!