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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vesicoureteral Reflux

This is what Isabel has been diagnosed with this past week. I'm not sure I told a bunch of people, it's not something I would just bring up casually anyway.

Alot of you did know that Isabel had a Urinary Tract Infection not too long ago. Or as her Dr. put it, "a raging infection." The good doc put her on antibiotics and they seemed to have worked--fever has went away, and her good spirits are back. Though, as standard procedure, a couple tests were ordered. One being a kidney ultrasound, and the other a little nasty test called the VCUG test-not sure what it stands for.

Well, on the VCUG, they insert a catheter into her (horrible, horrible to watch her go through) and then they fill her bladder up with this crazy x-ray visible fluid. All the while her body was sandwiched in the x-ray machine. She, was of course, screaming her head off, and I just had to try to comfort her with soft words of mommy encouragement, and her paci was dipped in sugar water bunches of times.

They immediately noticed that the fluid (which would be her urine on a normal day) refluxed (or regurgitated) back up from her bladder into her kidney. And, they also noticed the reflux was going as far as into her other kidney, which isn't good.

So what happens next? I'm not exactly sure. They did say some children grow out of this. She, on the other hand, has "stage III" reflux, which might not fall into that category. The worst (with kidney's anyways) is renal failure, but really never happens, especially when it's caught early. The worst for us, I think, would be surgery to correct the valve so that her urine does not reflux. The docs prescribed prophylactic antibiotics until tomorrow, when our Primary Care doc will talk to us more. If you want to read more about it-go here.

Prayers needed for her little valve to heal and keep that pee where it's supposed to be! Prayers for no more UTI's, no infections, and that she would absolutely grow out of it. Love to all!

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Amanda Keller said...

Lots of love and prayers for the Bean family!