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Monday, January 5, 2009

Katie and Kevin Engagement Pics...and The Gosselins

I LOVE this picture of just spills JOY. I can't wait to see them get hitched in July! It's going to be a wonderful day!

So, the weird transition and totally unrelateable title of this blog..Kate, from John and Kate Plus 8, is going to be at Seacoast! I'm not sure when, but she will be a guest speaker. Looking forward to hearing how she shares her testimony with us all.

Hmmm, on another note-we are watching Isabel closely. We took her to the doc today, because she wasn't peeing much. The doc assured us that she looked good, and to load her up on water and juices, no solids, and of course her formula. Hopefully we will see some good, peed on diapers, and nothing else will come of this crazy ordeal with her. Continual prayers please!

P90X-Still kicking my ass. I love it though. I'm starting to throw in alot of doubles, and ooOOOH I did my first UNassisted pullup today! wooot! I am starting to wear my jeans that I wore PRE baby, which makes me crazy happy and delirious. So kudos to Tony Horton. Pounds, lbs, inches, and sweat are lost every day, and it is SO worth it.

P.S. Pics of the beautiful Katie and her soon to be hubby were taken by the talented Whitney Buffington! (Link on right side). :)


life in a positive direction said...

I cannot believe you can do a pull up. THat is insane. I am so incredibly proud of you!!! Help me already-sheesh!!!

Matt and Brooke said...

I picked the same photo too! Love that one of them! I'll be praying for little Isa!