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Saturday, January 10, 2009

So about last night...

I'm going to regret writing this.

Me and Jason always have date night on Fridays. We decided we would get sushi, then go over Amanda and Rob's to watch a movie (they are away running the disney marathon-badasses!). We picked up a bottle of wine and some beer, and brought over "24-Redemption."--only to discover that my dumb self picked up disk 2. So we begin rummaging through their DVD's to find "Stepbrothers." (the one with Will Ferrel. Highly offensive, not kid friendly, and tons of F bombs. But we watched it..and it was FUNNY!! sorry all my christian peeps.) For some dang reason..I drank the entire bottle in an HOUR. NOT a good idea. At all. I still don't know the reason I even did it..I think I was laughing so hard at the movie, and the wine was good..and we were on date night..oh well. I think I just got overly excited about the whole thing. SO-then we decide to stop at a bar to get some wings (WTF-why did I even consider this? SO NOT on my P90X diet!) I drank water, and smelled all the fried food. I ate one wing. Then another. And another. Then came the CHEESE poppers. I've completely lost my mind at this point, because I ate ALL of them. So..needless to say I am doing doubles today, heck, I might do triples today to burn off those nasty calories.

Second part of this whole ordeal I can't really type about..if you're a really good friend, just ask me the next time I see you and I'll tell you about it! :)

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life in a positive direction said...

OMGoodness-please don't beat yourself up. You are so hardcore on your diet and workouts. You cheated once-one fatty meal. Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. We are going to work out like crazy this week. I am buying my own N.O. Explode....I promise to concentrate. I will be doing pullups soon. My goal is to beat you, if I can't-I'll just whip out the ab ripper. JK-I totally love you and you look amazing!!!