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Monday, January 12, 2009


That's what it takes, if you want to be healthy.

Do you want to eat stuff that's loaded with saturated fat and way too many carbs, and shorten your life span, or do you want to FEEL good about yourself.

Do you want to like the way you look naked? (Ha)
Do you want to have a great self esteem?

Do you want to pass down the gift of health to your children? Because, even in the kitchen-they are watching you...

This is sort of a soap box for myself. I've had people say, "How does she find time to do all this "working out like crazy, and all that."

Listen, I have 2 kids, and even though I do have readily available babysitters at the drop of the hat 99% of the time: I get up first thing in the morning, and do my workout-BEFORE they are even taking care of my kids. Maybe sometimes on the weekends, me and Jason will go out for a jog together, to reconnect. And during that time, my parents will absolutely watch them. Why not? :)

On the spiritual flip side-I don't think there's nothing better that our Father would love if we could add another "sin-control" in our life. Yes-I do believe that it is a sin to over eat, and to pass that garbage to our children, or spouses. If you look at our church congregations, just like the rest of America, most of them are overweight, or heading down that road. It's really sad. I was one of them many times in my life. But thank the Lord that I caught it early and decided it was time for a change. This is NOT about vanity. It's about being healthy. Being in a healthy weight range, and making sure our insides are healthy too, by making sure our cholesterol is down, our digestive systems are in track, and making sure we're getting enough sleep.

Now I know we all stumble, we all fall. I do every day of my life. But this is one commitment to myself that I have made, and would love to encourage anyone struggling with it. Next time you are making a meal for your kids or your spouse, or YOURSElF..think, would Jesus be happy with this? I mean, would He really want us to shove a Whopper Jr. or a meal smothered in cheese in our mouths? Sounds kinda funny I know, but I think alot of Christians put this kind of thing on the back burner of their spiritual lives. Right now, I am just working on balance. I slack on reading the bible every day, prayer sometimes, stuff like that. So you see, everyone needs help in some area. But you need to be at your full physical capabilities to be able to perform being a parent, church volunteer, spouse, etc. The list goes on. Pray for me that I can be a well balanced Mom, Christian, and fitness extraordinaire (j/k!! :)).

Just somethings to think about. Love you all!!

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joanna said...

You are right..I am encouraged and challenged by that.. Thanks Demi. Xo