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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please Pray

1) That my dang OB/GYN office will get their butts into highgear and get my copper IUD in. For the love..It's only been..9 MONTHS! Calendar method can only work so long for a fertile mertile puertorican like myself. I won't even get into condoms. Ew.

2) That our closing goes as planned this week so we can book our hotel in Costa Rica. Turns out we are going there during "high season." So most hotels are booked full capacity. We really would LOVE to stay in La Paz, near the volcanoes. That's one of Jason's dreams actually. Let's make that come true!

3) That the dynamics of living with my parents would improve, and not regress. I'm sensing some tension here and there (between me and my mom, mostly-who doesn't! I sensed the "tension" when I called her a bitch. That'll do it!). We got at least 5 more months here so let's make it good and comfortable for everyone.

And that I don't turn into fat lard butt on vacation. I'll be done with P90X right around that time, so I might fall off the wagon. Jason forbids to bring any dvd's with me because he'll know that I'll do it every day. I might just have to hide them somewhere...

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life in a positive direction said...

You've got my prayers!!! Thanks for the lifter uppers also-I totally need them. Yeah-cutting alcohol is stupid. I clearly was out of it when I wrote that. Thanks for checking me on that one. I really would go crazy then!!!