Challenge Packs!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Week 3 is behind me-and Week 4 is RECOVERY!

I hear through the grapevine though, that it's just as hard. With an abdominal focus, I know that it will be tough for me. I have issues..babies do that to you. But, the "I've had babies" excuse can only go so far. I've seen bodybuilders that have had 5 kids and they still have ripped abs. My abs are getting there, don't get me wrong (flat, little pooch at the bottom, and you can actually see definition!), but I know they can get so much better. I am looking forward to Core Synergistics and all the yoga. I just have to get through the last bit of the holiday season to focus on my diet (Really, could this have been any worse timing??), and just have some damn willpower. I mean, it's just food. 2 seconds of that pecan pie in your mouth, and a chunk of fat on my hips. It's just not worth it! But man, that pie is GOOD!

I'm going to do this system 1 more time (heeeLO beach season! 2009 style!), but in between, I'm SO going to allow myself some major cheat days (like 2 or 3). After my photo results, of course :). I won't indulge in tubs of Ben and Jerries icecream or anything, but pizza..oh pizza how I long for it! haha! And brownies, and a little bit of icecream. And lots of red wine. OH yeah. It's all going to be worth it.

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