Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And we pull off another year!

Whew. Wrapping presents IS NOT MY THING. I would much rather just give them the present, in all their unwrapped glory. I am just thankful that I have presents to actually wrap, so I won't be complaining about that one for too long.

This year really worried me, as I'm sure it worried alot of people. Financial Crisis's (that's alot of 'isses') and all these bailouts have people going crazy. I really thought we weren't going to be able to get anyone gifts this year. And that was SO ok with us, we planned on doing a great brunch at the house, say what we were thankful for, and go see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (which we still might see!). We had explained to Alana that that was our plan, and even she was ok with it. No questions why or anything. Great! No pressure. Well, the Lord provided (in such wonderful, amazing ways) and now our kids will have TONS of presents to open on Christmas day. I was even able to buy some gifts for friends and siblings, which I wasn't thinking I would be able to. Me and Alana had a great time (well, she had a great time, I just hap-hazardly fumbled with wrapping paper, and I apologize now for all the tape and tears!) and now I can just sit in awe of our Provider, as I look under our tree. Not to sound like Carrie Underwood or anything, but everything else seems so small, when compared to the real gift that was given. I am just so thankful, and word cannot really express just how thankful I am.

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