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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stinky Pacifiers and Naps

Well, lately it seems that my life revolves around Isabel's nap "schedule." I know, if she doesn't get 2 naps a day, for at least an hour..let's just say she won't be happy about it come 5 pm. It's generally something we need to, and we try to avoid. For some reason, she is fighting her naps, HARD. It used to be just putting her in the crib and that was it. Now, she has started to CRY. I've never been one to let her cry it out, I just try to follow her leads aka, when she's rubbing her eyes, I know soon she'll need a nap, so I'll start to rock her. When she's half asleep, I'll put her in the crib, and usually, that is it. Not so much lately. So, I've had to let her cry for a couple minutes at a time, until she finally falls asleep. Sometimes this takes an HOUR. Me and J have been pretty tired lately-as she has started to wake at 430 am. But we're a team and we'll make it through this little patch.

Now as for the paci pics above-they are MAMS. They are the only one she will use. Usually they are sold out everywhere, so today Jason saw that Riteaid had some, so, of course, he bought them ALL. He comes home, excited to show them to her. And you can tell she was-she was kicking her legs and just wooing at all her colorful paci choices. Well funny thing is, is that for her nap, she did not want ANYTHING to do with her new paci's. She wanted her old, stinky, paci back! I smelled that thing, and it is just AWEFUL! No matter how you wash it, it still has this smell. But LO and BEHOLD, as soon as I replace the new paci with her stinky old one, she passed out. New discoveries every day. Now to make the other paci's stinky..hmm. I'll have to let her yuck them up during the day, and keep her ultrastinky ones in her crib.

And hey, no judgement on paci's. I plan to use them for 1 year. We'll see how that goes!

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life in a positive direction said...

Isn't it crazy how they know what they want and it is all up to you to figure that out. They are so much smarter than we give them credit for!!!