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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Drugs are bad.

That's what the stigma has always been for our teenagers-for very good reason. Myself, seeing both sides of the fence, and seeing how the rest of the world deals with drugs..let's just say I'm still on the fence. One of the above pics is obviously a rolled up joint. Marijuana is one of those things that I, myself, have used for insomnia. And let me tell you it worked. Of course when the kiddos have rolled into my life, I didn't feel comfortable doing that anymore. It's like-what's better-pills, or something very natural. Hmmm. And, of course, we are all called to follow God's laws.

The other pic you see is a bunch of leaves on the ground being dried. They are coca leaves. Yes, that is what cocaine is made from. They are found primarily in a glorious place that I've always wanted to visit, Machu Pichu. They use it for any kind of ailment, from headaches, to minor body pains, and for visitors; high altitude sickness. All you have to do is chew on it, and hold it in your bottom lip, like chewing tobacco. Now this is ca co in it's purest form, before all the nasty addictive chemicals are added, and before it turns into something evil that will ruin your life.

It just goes to show you that God gives us all these solutions, and here's what we do: we eff it up. Big time. We twist and turn something so natural so that it screws up people's lives and gets them addicted.

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