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Friday, December 19, 2008

So much to share


-Isabel is on the healing road! She still has a UTI but nothing shows that it has spread. She still has to get some nasty testing done, but we are faithful that nothing new will show up. Just some (a little!) discomfort.

-Plyometrics totally kicked my ass today. I got up super early at 545 to get the workout done before my daughters' christmas program at her school..well I felt super energetic and I put ALOT of effort into it. I felt good. Then came 2 hours later. I feel so flipping's very comparible to when I ran the marathon. UUUGH.

-Alana had her 1st Grade Christmas Program today!! It was AWESOME! She did so good, she was wearing her little crown, and she sang her heart out. There is a video (a couple actually) that I am posting. In the one video there is a brief, HALARIOUS solo done by one of Alana's friends. Not knocking on her or anything, but it was funny!

The above photos are from this morning at the show. Poopah came along for the ride too. We had a great time!

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