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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not a happy blog

I took Isabel to the doctor today because her fever just wasn't going away. It was going up and down between 99.4 and 102.9 for 3 days. Well, after 3 days with a fever, the doctor is the next go to on my list. They didn't see anything on her throat, and her ears were fine. The one thing he wanted to check was to see if she had a UTI (Uterine tract infection) just so he could rule it out. They had to do a catheter (poor baby! she did NOT enjoy that) to get a sterile urine sample.

When the doc came back in she said she definately had a UTI. But, the thing with babies is that they can't really tell you "that it burns when I pee" so it can go undetected for a while.

They had to give her a Rocefin shot in the leg (antibiotic booster shot), to kickstart the healing, and I have to go back in tomorrow. If she doesn't get noticabely and considerabely better by tomorrow afternoon, then they have to probably admit her for a kidney infection (because that's apparantly where the infection spreads after it screws up your urethra).

So needless to say, I need many prayers for healing by tomorrow. We do not want another hospital stay and most importantly I don't want to see my little baby in pain at all. I will let ya'll know how things go as I figure them out.

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life in a positive direction said...

OMG-I am so sorry. I didn't get your text until pretty late. I hope she gets better so so so soon!!! We are saying major prayers for ya'll!!!