Challenge Packs!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I can do AB ripper and keep up! I even did 10 unassisted leg raises (but then I was grabbing knee to heel), but hey, that is great improvement for me. After pushing out 2 babies, my belly is the hardest area that is giving me hell. Improvements are being seen though, I must say.

So today I did CardioX on an empty belly, then ab ripper. I still have to do legs and back, but will save that for later. Some days if I feel really good, I will throw in another cardio workout, because I feel that I have some fat cells I could definately shrink! haha. I still feel good after all of it so I know I'm not pushing my self to injury or anything. Tip of the day from me: Listen to your body! There is a difference from "discomfort" and actual PAIN. If you do feel the latter, STOP. The workout will be there for you tomorrow :).

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