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Sunday, November 9, 2008

On a more serious note...

While I do consider this a very light hearted blog-things happen sometimes in people's lives so suddenly. And some, happen over a long period of time. Both need Jesus's healing touch. So if there is anyone in your life that needs this-please-pray for them. That quick "breath" prayer might have saved their life.

Some things that I am doing some healing prayers for are private at this time, but this one I want to be public. My friend Joanna (on side bar) just had a baby 4 weeks ago (I think, I may be off on that by a week or so), and is in the hospital. When babies are younger than 6 weeks, and develop a fever, it's an automatic ticket into the pediatrics center at MUSC. Thank God they are AMAZING, and in the top ten Peids in the country. I feel for her deeply, because as some of you remember, Isabel was in the same boat at 11 days old. Then Alana recently. While it is so emotionally draining, it is physically draining on the parents at the same time. I remember I had to stay by myself with Isabel since I was breastfeeding, and things were so erratic..sleep was very, very, difficult. They are breastfeeding as well and I can't even imagine how tired they are. Above being hospitalized, it's constant testing and medication, mostly all unpleasant for a baby, and just constant worry for everyone involved. So if you could, say a prayer for her, for their sweet baby Skye (seriously, look at the pics, she is ADORABLE!) and for any sleep the parents get, that God multiplies it by a million.

Another prayer request would be for a dear friend that lost someone dear to them very recently. I know this weekend was probably hard for her..I won't go into detail about everything, but I have come to realize that this is a different kind of certaintly takes time. But good for us is that we have a God who is there for her, every step of the way. I know He is deeply hurt at the same time and He is going to do miraculous things through this whole situation. Girl-I love you and you are in my daily prayers! Above all-we all need to really BELEIVE that prayer works. Sometimes I say them quickly, and in vain, like "Yeah right, that won't do anything." But it DOES. I have come to finally know that it DOES.

And finally, pray for me to be a good parent. I have anxiety/sleep issues, and every day is different. Soemtimes I have "old ghosts" that come to haunt and taunt me. And it seems to be happening alot lately. I definately need deliverence..that's all that needs to be said about that but Jesus knows the rest and he would deeply appreciate any help I can get!

Ok, this turned into some crazy long blog, and I've written multiple times today. Consider it a miracle! haha. Love you all.

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