Challenge Packs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am thankful for:

-All veterans! Thank YOU. You are so selfless and BADASS-I truly appreciate every single one of you.

-Joel Mchale of The Soup. Yeah, he's pretty vulgar at times, but HAlarious.


-that no matter what, Jesus understands my struggles. And he helps me out with them.

-Great friends.

-That I don't technically have to "work" somewhere. My husband works really hard to allow me this wonderful opportunity to stay at home with my children. Of course SAHM's "work", don't get me wrong! I think I read somewhere that a stay at home mom's worth is over $150,000/per year. I think all SAHM's can identify with that!

-the ability to have fresh starts, during any part and any time of my life.


joanna said...

Amen to fresh starts sister! xoxo

life in a positive direction said...

Happy vets day!!! Love ya!!!