Challenge Packs!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I was just watching CNN, and they were talking about Obama and Michell's "transition to power." They went on to talk about how all the families that get into the whitehouse get to redecorate. Everything.FUN!! I'm so jealous. The first Lady receives a $100,000 expense to redecorate her living spaces. Wow! How fun would that be?? Such a historic building, and you can put your own fingerprint on it...that is, if you are the first Lady. And get this, the kids-each of them get to redecorate their bedrooms however they want to. Can you imagine what is going through these little kids mind's?? They are moving into the whitehouse. Their dad is President-Elect. And they get to redecorate their own bedrooms, by themselves. LOVE.IT. I can't even imagine what Alana would do to her room. It would be a bubbly, pink, glittery, furry barage of disney characters. I personally can't imagine what I would do. Maybe modernize my spaces a bit, and have hiphop and R & B playing at a low volume all the time, yeah! They showed some glimpses of the living spaces, and they are very, very, traditional, just look at that pic above. What would you do to your Whitehouse living space? Maybe add some casual Fridays?


life in a positive direction said...

That room would so totally be a new partay room-ya dig? Bistro tables, fine lighting, and custom 'jesstinis' served at every hour!!! Very classy/modern, but no place to hold back either!!! Well-kinda sounds like my house without the decor-hehehe

Demi Eliese said...

Ha, LOVE IT. Sounds like the best place eva!