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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok, so this morning I am starting my cleanse. I usually do one by Dr. Natura (which I HIGHLY reccommend) but this time I am doing the Flor Essence Herbal Cleanse, a much gentler, wholesome cleansing. If you want to go hardcore, and you always have easy access to a toilet-than by all means, go Dr. Natura! But the first time you do it..I warn you..seriously be close to a toilet is all I'm sayin'! It works!

The one I am doing now is actually one I can do every day for the rest of my life. Most cleansers aren't like that and usually have a cut off, becuase it's just too harsh to do long term. It's a simple tea that I drink in the morning and at night, and combined with a pretty strict, whole food diet for at least 4 weeks-your body should be rejuvinated and cleansed. I'm sold!

Plus, I will be ordering the P90X system today to jump start my wholesome living, and see how my life changes. After having a baby...let's just say things get a wee bit jumbled up in there. My health is generally good right now, but I am used to having amazing health, and I long to have that back. For me, it's all or nothing, and it is ON right now! I'll keep you updated as I go about my pooping and exercising adventures. Because I know you really want to know about all of that.

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