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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tough Times

Times are tough. How many times have you heard that lately?? A ton I'm sure. I'm sure it's not a secret that the economy really directly impacts our family, as our income is real estate related. As "crazy" as that sounds right now, God has provided in some crazy ways, and has managed to find ways for us to stay afloat..month after month. It's times like these that we really need to rely on eachother, put aside our pride, and rejoice. Rejoice and trust in the Lord with all our hearts and understanding. He is our provider. On our own, we cannot survive. But all of us banded together, we can accomplish much!!

Me and Jason sometimes say, "What's the worst that can happen?" And the answer for us is bankruptcy. And while we are (thankfully) not near that right now, it isn't as scary as it used to be. We would still have our family, our friends, and alot less stress. Sometimes the worse thing isn't so bad at all.


José A. Noy said...

Hey Girl, hold on.... things are going to get better.... God is in control. THank you for your comment. IT is always good to hear from friends. We are doing very well. Jess is doing the homeschool deal and it is going awesome. The kids are getting beautiful and they are growing so fast. I cant beleive your are so big. How is Jason? THings up here are good. Church is rocking.... Hey check out our family website:

See you soon


José A. Noy said...

What I meant by your is your kids... I have no idea how I skipped the word. I cant beleive your kids are so big.