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Saturday, October 18, 2008

More info on life in the Bean household

So I was thinking of Isabel and all that she can do, and has learned this pass month. Things have changed so quickly! In her 5th month of life she has learned to roll over both ways, really good actually. It's to the point where we cannot take our eyes off of her for even a millisecond, especially when she's on the changing table. Diaper changing time has turned into a wrestling match, she just clearly has too much to do instead of relaxing for a diaper change! I think she is about 15 or so lbs-at her 4 month checkup she was 14.5 lbs. She's also really long, 95th percentile. Soon she will tower over me I'm sure. She has also started to babble a ton, saying a mixture of mamamama and dadadad, and babababa (see video a couple entries back). She is getting really big now, she used to be the littlest gal on the block but now she is chunking up and her appetite has gone up alot! We had switched to formula during month 4 due to her liking the easiness of the bottle a bit too much, but she is healthy and that's all I can ask for! Just this past week she has moved to a 4 hour eating schedule (on her own, we never forced her or anything like that). She is sleeping from 7 pm to 5:30-6amish (wish we could sleep in a little later, but hey, I can't complain, because that is really good!) She drinks a 6 oz bottle every 4 hours. On top of that, in the morning she has a HUGE bowl of oatmeal (one of her favs), then at lunch she has a jar of meat or veggies, and a dessert of a fruity concoction. After her dinner bottle she will have the same as lunch, then right before she goes to bed, another bowl of oatmeal. OOHH and the coolest part, is that she just started taking awesome naps--2 naps a day, 2 hours long each! Again, nothing forced, she just started doing this on her own! Every now and then she will hit a growth spurt and her "schedule" gets a little funky but evens itself out after a couple days. It's amazing how biologically babies know what their bodies need, and they will definately let you know what they need at the right time. I've learned to just savor these baby moments, because when I look at Alana, I know all too well it passes so easily. Every stage of life is precious, but the baby stage just flies by! I can already tell that she will be a daddies girl. She gets so happy just when she even hears his voice, so sweet. I know my days of being my little girls #1 are limited, and the age of the almighty Daddy are coming soon.

On another note Alana is just blowing my mind. She is working so hard in first grade, and every week when I look at all her A's and B's I'm just thrilled! She is making friends and learning so much, she's teaching me things now! She is actually reading books so well now, and she enjoys it so much. There is a sense of pride that I see in her when she shows me all her work, and when she reads to us every night. Her school is just plain amazing, and they teach her about Jesus and we'll talk about it at dinner every night. With all the crap going on with the economy, it's hard to get really depressed about anything when I have an amazing husband, and 2 beautiful children. Family is so much more important than anything, and as long as I have a roof over our heads and I can keep my kids tummies full, then everything else is just secondary. Every day is such a gift and I am so thankful. A shout out to my awesome husband-I know he reads this every now and then-so if you are hubby, I love you!!

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