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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Great Night

So last night me and Jason finally had our first "wild" night out postbaby with our great friends Dylan and Karla. It started out going through the Art walk in downtown Charleston, and we brought my dad and Alana to that. Alana had SO much fun talking to all the actual artists and telling them exactly what she liked, and didn't like, about their paintings. Too funny. We then got some awesome sushi at Tsunami's, and did a little minor barhopping experimenting with some fru fru stuff I've never tried, which was a blast! Our "wild and crazy" night out ended at midnite (we're so old) and we're paying for it today like we stayed out all night or something. Ah well, all I could think about was getting back to the kiddos. I'm sure It will be a long while before I do it again, and that's ok with me. I'll have some pics to post as soon as I get Jason to get them out of his phone.

On another note-Joanna had her baby and she is beautiful! Mom and baby are healthy and are at home recovering.

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