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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shot day

Well today was Isabel's 2 month checkup, and also the first day for shots. Those who know me know I'm totally on the fence when it comes to vaccines. I won't go into full detail on my views..(I'll delay that one for a bit:), but I firmly believe that babies get too many shots, too soon. I'm all for vaccines, I just don't like the CDC's schedule. So to satisfy my doctor as well as myself and my baby..we decided on a simpler, delayed schedule, with some vaccines being omitted totally. For now this is what our schedule is:

2 month checkup (today) DtaP
1 week from now IPV
2 weeks from now Hib
3 weeks from now oral rotateq
4 weeks from now Prevnar.

4 week "break"

Repeat of above cycle.

MMR delayed until 15 months
Hep B will be delayed until 5 years of age or later.
No varicella.

If there are any 'adverse' reactions, we will be able to pinpoint the vaccine that caused the problem. We will also be limiting the amount of chemicals and additives that go into her body, which will make for a healthier, happier baby all around.

*don't get offended please if you vaccinate your children fully. This is just what I believe in and do.*

But WOW I heard a cry that I have never heard of with her! She wasn't too happy about it but thank God for my boobs which make her happy every time.

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