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Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a wonderful Life.

Simple as that.

I have been having a GREAT past couple weeks, hectic, but full of joy nonetheless.

Before me and Jason moved into our current home, we prayed for community; that we could always welcome anyone into our home, that we could use it as a way to just love on our friends and family.

God has DEFINATELY answered that prayer!

We have had a party at our home every single weekend, for the past 4 weeks. One weekend we had 2 weddingshowers back to back on a Friday and Saturday. It sure sends us into a whirlwind of sorts, but at the end of the day-we sleep GOOD knowing that our friends and family are what makes our house a 'home.'

This past Friday was my beautiful daughter's 6th birthday, and we had such a fun party for her. She is so loved by everyone, all our guests so unselfishly showed how much they adore this little princess. Alana has a way of touching people in way they cannot forget.

I PROMISE I will post pics! I know I always say this, but for real, I will post them :). Speaking of pics, I will have fun ones soon to share...some great maternity shots done by the talented Whitney Buffington. She is awesome.

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whitney ann said...

YOU are awesome :) I love you and I LOVE the pics :)