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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My rant for the day, my apologies if I offend you

What is the big deal about christians/believers drinking alcohol?? Please tell me, if you are one of the christians out there who think anyone who drinks alcohol is wrong is some form-please tell me why you think so because this is really baffling to me.

From my point of view, there is nothing wrong with it! I think what's worse is someone who judges another person who drinks socially. Bottom line, social drinking is described and accepted in the bible, over..and over again. Why then is it soooo taboo among our Christ believers? Just so you know, I do think that drinking to intoxication is not a wise decision, as well as drinking in front of a known alcoholic (2 of many other reasons, I know). We can asses each situation as they come and make the decision we need to make. For myself, I thoroghly enjoy drinking wine with my hubby in the evenings (when I'm not preggo of course!), and having some drinks with my girlfriends. My husband and girlfriends are responsible and we have a great time, with or without the alcohol. And you know what, I absolutely don't care who it's in front of when I do have my occasional many people obsess who they are in front of when they do.."Oh, dont' have a drink now, that person works at the church!" Who freakin cares! It's all very hypocrytical to me that people will act and behave differently in front of certain people just because of who they are. Please. I've even seen friends tell their significant others to stop drinking just because they think it isn't right. Talk about controlling and dumb. It seems like a huge waste of time and energy to drain on making someone change. But that's a totally different blog! Even our pastor at Seacoast talked about how there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol (as long as you don't get drunk), and you could hear all the mutterings and snickering between the congregation like "I can't believe he just said that!" I'm so happy he did, because it shows that you can't just pick and choose what to believe in the bible, all of it is true, no matter how you feel about it. Don't condemn others for what they do, it's not your job. You will just make yourself look like a fool, and people just won't like you.

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