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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Train, Train, Train

OK-I want to list some health and fitness information for anyone that is tackling toning up, or just wants to feel better.

I actually really dislike cardio. But like many things, it must be done. I don't want you to think that you have to do cardio every day..because you don't. Take a gander inside an aerobics class and you will see the cardio addictee's, and while they look great I'm sure, they are usually very "soft." You want to get rid of that softness, then build up the muscle to firm your booty up! So 3 times a week, either run, walk, bike, do anything that makes you sweat and breathe heavily for at least 20 minutes. That's it. No real science there.

This is where the science comes in. If you really want to get into the groove with weightlifting, I recommend going to for some great tips and advice, and even workout programs to get in shape. Don't worry, if you are a woman, you won't look like a "bodybuilder!"
A female's body is just not going to look like that (unless you take steroids or testosterone supplements which is a big NO!) as women we just don't have the necessary testosterone to be jacked like a man. Which is a good thing; we want to look like women, right?! You don't need to have a gym membership to get toned up, although it can make things easier. You want to aim to hit each muscle group HARD once a week. You can do that with strength bands (from Walmart) a balance ball, and maybe a set of dumbbells. Here's a sample circuit workout that can be done with very minimal equipement:

-Warm up with 5 minutes light jogging or fast walking
-1/4 mile sprint
-20 pushups
-1/4 mile sprint
-20 jumping jacks
-1/4 mile sprint
-20 sit ups
-1/4 mile sprint
-10 jump squats
-1/4 mile sprint
-20 shoulder presses (can be done with 2 full water bottles)
-1/4 mile sprint

Go ahead and do that full circuit 5 times per workout. It will be really hard but that combines alot of strength training and cardio. Finish off with 5 minutes light jogging or walking and you're done! If there are other things you want to focus on, you can change up some things in there.For example, if you have dumbbells you can add bicep curls in the mix. Just don't take out the sprints, they're essential to keeping your heart rate up. :)

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Candice & Daniel said...

We'll try it!! Thanks for the advice!