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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfection. Is it too much to ask for?

*Prenote-NEVER google image search "perfection." You will end up with gems like the above and uhmmm...some other stuff that may burn your retinas.*

Anyway-every day-we wake up, and for the most part, we are determined to have a great day. We have hopes of being productive, good work put in, make some cash money, have a good hair day..ya know, that kind of thing. I always, ALWAYS dream about the workout I'm going to do right before I wake up. Wierd, no? It's my quest to have the perfect body (for me). How vein is that? I want to be the healthiest, most ripped female specimen out there. Not like steroid ripped-but just muscular and feminine. And I know that shiz can disappear right quick if you don't put in your workouts and healthy eating in on the daily. The mental thought process of any athlete, fitness competitor, model, etc....I find we all think very alike. It's a blessing, but also a bit of a curse. I mean, this is my LIVING-I am a fitness coach that HAS to lead by example! Sometimes it can get squirrly. I mean, we all have our days when we don't feel like doing shit. But we have to, we press forward, press PLAY, and do the thing. And I never regret it afterwards. It makes me a better mom, better wifey, and a better friend. It's my daily coffee. And I don't even drink coffee. But you know how batshit crazy coffee drinkers get when they don't have their morning cup of jo? THAT'S how I am if I don't work out and have a day of healthy eating. When I have a good solid month of clean eating and strong workouts-I feel like I can conquer the world. There really is no better feeling than that.

sometimes vein and superficial, but not always-Demi

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