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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some of my favorite pics from the Summit

LOVE this man and all that he's done for me! Tony Horton! :)
Group gal shot with Tony!
Me and Mr. Insanity/HipHopAbs/Rockin Body-SHAUN T! Love him!
Like whoa, Shaun put me in the front row for his workout! It was SO hard!! BUT FUN!!
Me and my girls at the Super Workout! It whooped our booties!!
Brett Hoebel, creator of RevAbs! He'll show you how to get a six pack for sure! Such a SWEETHEART as well!!

Me and the CEO Carl D. himself! We had SO many pics done together, such a great, humble leader for Beachbody!
LOVE Chalene! TurboFire is coming out soon-let me know if you're interested! We had a taste of it at the Summit...and it was definitely on FIRE!!!
I'm still talking about this trip! Because it was THAT amazing! Registration is open for the 2011 Summit, so register ASAP! You don't want to miss a great opporunity if you are involved with Beachbody!

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Anonymous said...

You should do a flexing video on youtube. Those puppies are sick!!!