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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, I am still Alive!!!

So, Blogger World-it's been AWHILE!! I have been busy, but I NEED to fill you in on what's going on in this world of mine. I know you are dying to know (haha). So anywho-I am going to LA for the 2010 Coach Summit Event (so so so excited that i might pee myself right now), fitness modeling is taking off (fun FUN!!!), and so is the FABULOUS world of being a Beachbody Coach. If you aren't one yet, you NEED to be. <--*Click on "NEED"* If anything, just for the 25% discount you get off of all Beachbody products-including the supplements. Because let's face it-GNC bites it HARD, they triple mark up their prices and you have to drive there and talk to overweight sales associates who think they know everything about fitness. At least I've been trained and I AM a product of the product(s). We have a wonderfully growing team of Coaches, and I have to say there are just too many to put on my side bar now (it's a good thing, if you don't see yourself there, coach-you are still important to me and I still love you). God is Good! Marriage is good! Keep Positive people around you who build you UP, rather than bring you down, because who needs that anyways? I know I don't! And life has never been better. As the years go by, and I'm approaching 30 (!!!!) I realize that it just gets better and better with the more we learn how to treat people and who we let into our lives. The people we let in-these people influence you no matter what, even if it's bad ugly me it can rub off. And that's not good! Surround yourself with people that inspire you, who are smarter than you, who are older than you. There is wisdom in years. Unless they are a 50 year old prostitute. Then no, that's not a good idea to have them in your life. Priorities people! Keep em in check! FAITH-MARRIAGE-FAMILY-HOME-FRIENDS...see the trend? If you reverse that in any way you are playing with FIYAH and you might just screw yourself in the end. Don't screw yourself. So I would NEVER have a post without a picture(s)**see above**! Being in the infomercial has made a demand for autographs (!!) so I keep some of these handy. Please let me know if you want one. ALSOOOOOO....come to the Charleston Health Expo on April 24th!!! It's in the Riverfront Park in North Chucktown, and Beachbody WILL be represented for sure! We will have a table, free samples, and we can take pics together! There will even be a drawing for some cool fitness gear, ya don't wanna miss it!!

Smooch Smooch-Demi xoxo


And now I still use INSANITY for all my cardio and other randoms for strength training as well as ab work. Still working hard-ALWAYS! Is there any other way to live??


Jen said...

You're awesome...I wish I was following in your footsteps with this coaching least a little. It seems like an impossible feat to get ANYONE to sign up to be a coach under me. I'm not giving up though because I believe in this and like you, I've SEEN the awesome results, in my OWN life and body...
Anyway, Keep up the Amazing work Demi! I'm glad to be on your team!

JenMae said...

great job! Need to follow up on this....i'm a part-time independent nasm certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. This could really help jumpstart my career.

Demi Eliese said...

For sure Jenmae! Jen (the commentor above) is an amazing Coach and would gladly bring you under her wing. We're all on the same team so we'd all work together! Jen's always on Blogger so hit her up with a msg! :)

Demi Eliese said...

oh and FYI ALOT of personal trainers become Coaches because they get 25% off of all Beachbody supplements. Beats GNC and they have GREAT products that you could use and sell to your clients. :)

Demi Eliese said...

sorry for all the comments, LOL! if you go to this page -

and click on the "coach" will take you through enrollment and tell you more about the benefits. :)