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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drink free booze, burn calories, AND play the slots??!

*I don't think the following applies to this woman.*


Just kidding. Maybe :)

"It was a big hit at the recent World Gaming Congress and Exposition in Las Vegas, proving that exercise can be done anytime, anywhere.

The ''Pedal 'N Play'' cycle and the ''Money Mill'' treadmill allow gamblers to work more than just their right arm.

See, these exercise machines are hooked up to slot machines. In fact, the machines are wired to make it impossible to play unless you’re pedaling or walking.

The Flamingo Hilton in Kansas City, Mo., is among the first to feature the exercise/gambling machines, while other hotels are making plans to add them to their spas or create specific exercise areas within their casinos.

Recognizing that motivation is the key to any successful exercise program, slot machines and exercise machines appear to be a perfect match.

In fact, this may just be the beginning. Perhaps the future will witness the creation of exercise-powered televisions and computers as well."

HA. Good idea with great intentions, maybe-but not too sure it will make a difference when alcohol and slots are involved....we'll see!
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