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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lots of news!

I haven't blogged in forever. In truth, I just don't have that much time anymore. Things with Beachbody are picking up, for which I am SO thankful, and I love it! Everything is great, the kids are doing wonderful. Alana is doing GREAT in school, and Isabel has a full mouth of teeth already and knows how to use them! She only gives kisses when she feels like it, and you better be ready if it's you! But she only really kisses me, daddy, Alana, and my parents :). I'm also going to be on the new P90X infomercial, starting in 2010! ::SO EXCITED!:: It airs like, all the time, nationwide for at least a year or 2, so maybe you'll catch a sneak peak at my P90X transformation story on TV! I hope everyone is doing great and still pressing play. I've been pretty good with my diet during the holidays, I've had a couple glasses of champagne, and that's pretty much it. I purposely did a candida cleanse during the holidays to help me with the food aspect, as during a candida cleanse you can't have any sugar, alcohol, and other certain foods. It helped and I feel AMAZING! I will also be featured as a before/after pic on QVC January 2nd, 2am and 5pm Eastern, so check it out! Remember, getting through a tough program like P90X is much more successful and effective with a coach-so holler at your girl (me!) if you are interested in buying P90X. If you buy through QVC or other vendors, you don't get a coach...and really, where's the fun in that, especially when coaching services are FREE! :) So...As you can see from above...I'm on the cover of Oblique Magazine for January/Febuary, and I have an abdominal spread with a killer ab workout on the inside! AND--you can read and see the entire issue online if you don't live in Charleston. The website is :)

Be blessed!!


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Jen said...

.........i'm speechless! Wow! You sure know how to make the rest of us look bad! :o)

You are soarin' to the top my friend!
I can just see it now...the next Beachbody workout program: "Demi Bean's HOT MOMMA workout" or something! Heck..I'd buy it!

I want on the success train with you!