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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small Groups, and Growing up

Are VITAL if you want to keep accountable and keep your faith 'tank' full. I have to admit though, I am not apart of one :( at the moment! But we are looking, and we are going on a marriage retreat in a couple weeks! woot! Can't wait! :)

I remember our last small group. It was good....up until a point. It started to be more of a social group, than Godly. It wasn't moving forward. We had some good groups, but unfortunately ugly gossip intruded and screwed everything up. I did have to cut out toxic "friends," but it was definitely for the better. Sometimes I feel sad about how things turned out, but I look at everything now...and it is so much better! My marriage is better. The friends I have now encourage me to live a more Godly and spiritual life. My whole family dynamic is drastically different--I know now that I'm not a "youngin'" anymore and I had to grow up. Growing up doesn't mean you have to get boring, it just means you have to prioritize your life and take action. If it's not making you better-it's making you worse. If those "friends" don't encourage your growth, than it's time to cut them out. When your momma said, "You are who you hang with" or something to that extent...she was right! I have 2 beautiful daughter's who look at me like I'm the best mother in the world. And when my friends come over, they rub off on my kids in such a great way. Being a mother changes things-but for me-it changed everything. My daughters, My husband..absolutely saved my life. So, if you find yourself stuck, if you find yourself with low self esteem, if you have people trying to feed negativity into your life....take a good look around you. It could be the friends you have in your life right now. We need to all have people in our lives that "build us up" always, and not tear us down. I hope and pray as mothers, as wives, that we all continue to GROW UP and prioritize our lives. Fun can always be had, but we don't have to always act like we are 18 years old. I've learned that, and continue to learn that. Learning never stops. We need to take action on our lives and force it to be better. We have one chance to make it right with God, we have one lifetime to live the life that we were meant to live. We have one life to make God smile. Let's make him smile today.

In Him and Health-Demi

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Jen said...

I agree Demi! It is so important to surrond ourselves with people who will enrich our lives and not SUCK the life out of them! I hope you have a wonderful time at the marriage retreat and do find a small group to be a part of. Does your church have Sunday School?