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Monday, June 15, 2009

Staying Positive

Sometimes people will say things that are mean, they talk behind your back, and they try to defame your character. We all go through this. I have learned that these are "Godly" moments in my life that teach me to be a more positive, compassionate person. I will never know why people do or say the things they do, but Jesus does, and I just have to trust in that. Hopefully character will win out in all situations.

That being said, keeping a positive attitude towards everything, changes everything. It's amazing really. Today I just prayed and prayed, and realized that you know what, I can't understand everything. I can't control anything. God has his hand on ALL OF IT. God is HUGE, And our problems are SMALL. Every moment I have on this earth, I thank God for, and every moment I have with my family, I thank God for. Life isn't always perfect..never will be, and! I thank you Lord for GRACE and understanding, and for the power you have. Who am I, who are others, to stand in your way? YOU.GOT.THIS.

You know I gotta wrap it up with health somehow, :P. Negativity can RUIN your health. Studies show it. Dr's will even say it.Being happy, being truly, truly, happy, is a daily decision made by YOU. If you choose to be that dreary, mad, angry person, that is--unfortunately your choice. Make the decision to be a healthier YOU by being a more positive YOU. What a great way to start ANY fitness journey that will last a lifetime.

In Him and Health-Demi


Michelle said...

Excellent post Demi!!! I printed it out and posted it in my 'cube at work!

KC said...

Oh so true. I can DECIDE to have a good day...even when my hormones are PMS'd and I'm crying and mad at the drop of a hat, and simply feel like crawling in a hole and screaming....Thank you for the much needed reminder. LOL! :)