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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gain HUGE returns on one Investment...

Two of the biggest reasons Coaches LOVE being Coaches is because this business affords them the opportunity to obtain more time and money.

Seize that opportunity by making the most of your Business Services Fee, which helps you easily manage your customers and coaching team through your online office and provides motivation and education via extensive tools.

Remember, for just $14.95 per month, you get ALL of the following:

-Two Web sites: Beachbody®-focused online social networking site ( and a customizable business site (
-Email account, including viral marketing tools that let you send bulk emails and eCards to your customer and Coach databases
-Sales and marketing materials available 24/7
-Weekly training, such as One Minute Trainer videos
-Tips and tools, including Webinars, events updates, tutorials, FAQs, and more
-No overhead: zero, zip, nada!
-Billing processing
Shipping fulfillment/credit-card handling
-Weekly records management in your own online office
-Access to an online Print Center for ordering professionally produced advertising materials
*This minimal investment can yield massive returns—so take advantage of all of these incredible tools today!

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In Him and Health-Demi


Tonya H said...

One of my friends follows your blog and I have a question about beach body coaches. What are the requirements to be a coach? Are they certified like personal trainers? I want to know what I would be paying for and what I would be getting in return?

Thanks =)

Demi Eliese said...

Tonya-I'm going to send you a msg on Facebook. :)