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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My "Insanity" Review

OK. I have just finished what I think is called the "preview" of it, but it's a FULL workout called "Plyo cardio circuit" (I think).

OK here are my thoughts (and they are kind of mixed):

1) I didn't start to really breathe and sweat like crazy until the 3rd circuit-before that, it was very doable (for me anyways). In the beginning to middle was this stretching portion, with some yoga moves, and I just wished he would've called them out more so I didn't have to raise my head alot to see what they were doing.

2) After that-I was sweating BULLETS. And that puddle of sweat was definitely there on the floor!

3) It was an interval workout-and there are lots of 30 second breaks. Which is a great thing, because it is pretty intense.

4) I would recommend this to someone who is in FANTASTIC cardiovascular health, (like a former marathoner, runner, aerobic queen,etc), and wants to lose some poundage. When I was a runner, my body was really different from now..I could've stood to lose some weight, and I was really flabby. You really have to think of how you would want to work your fitness goals-Do you want to lose weight first, then build muscle (with programs like P90X?) Or do you want to build that muscle, and then lose the weight? You really could do both...but THAT isn't for everybody. For me, I am integrating a whole heck of alot of programs and mish mashing them together, to keep it fresh. Muscle burns fat, period. So, for me, no 2 weeks are the same. BUT on my cardio days, I'm throwing in some Insanity! No doubt will it help in leaning out-just make sure you do some resistance training immediately before and after the program (if you are doing it by the book) so you don't lose your muscle. Granted, plyometrics of any kind will spark muscle growth, but not like weighted squats, wall squats, and weighted lunges will.

5)So when it comes out, my recommendation is if you completed P90X or something similar..and you want to lean out a bit more...GET IT. If you haven't done rigorous training though at all, I wouldn't recommend this right out the gate.

6)Did I mention how much I was sweating! I don't want to give the impression that it was "easy", it's just different from what I'm used to. My face was beet red and sweat was flying everywhere-especially the last 15 minutes. It was an all around great cardiovascular workout-FOR SURE.

In Him and Health-Demi


Michelle said...

Great review! So if I'm looking to lose weight AND build muscle at the same time, what would you suggest? I've taken a break from P90X because I felt I was trying to do too many things all at once (P90X, workout with personal trainer 5x week, triathlon/marathon training). My tri is on July 12 and the half-mary is on Aug 2nd, so I'm looking to start something new in mid-August ...

Michelle said...
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Demi Eliese said...

You could do what I'm doing Michelle! For one, I would nix the personal trainer altogether, you really don't need all of that. I would def do P90X and Insanity combined (because you are in great shape already)-but don't follow the Insanity program exactly as followed if you're preparing for a tri. I would still do P90X, push the weights, and then do Insanity workouts on your cardio days (instead of cardiox or plyo, or you can mix up all the cardio days, since they all have something different to offer.) But absolutely, no trainer! P90X plus the Insanity=killer tri time! :)

The Noy Maker said...

Good to know Demi! How long was the work out?

Jen said...

Hey Dem,
Glad to see this review. My only hold back is that it would be SO MUCH FUNNER if I could do it with a group of people. I don't mind doing strength training at home alone...but cardio craves company!
Ohhhh...I like that! I may have to make that an official Jen Jones quote "Cardio craves company!" ha ha
Anyway, What you described is exacatly what I'm looking for. Basically I want to maintain my muscle and lean out. Less flab surrounding those muscles. I know cardio is the way to do that. Of course, I won't abandon my strength training altogether because I have worked WAYYY too hard for these muscles to let them go! :o)
Do you know how much this Insanity is going to cost?

Demi Eliese said...

Insanity will be $119.95, for a 12 disk DVD program (just like P90X), but of course Coach's get it cheaper :). The workout I did was 37 grueling minutes! This morning my legs are SORE, especially my calves, which are never sore! Good stuff :)

And I love "Cardio Craves Company." That could be the name of your fit parties! :)

Christina said...

Fab review... I'm sold. Ok, so I guess I was probably sold a long time ago but you sent me over the top! Maybe I'll have to sign up as a coach to get it cheaper!! Oh... wait. LOL!! Love ya :o)

Anonymous said...

Great review....I love your number 4...after completing a full round of p90x, I've decided to use the more muscle workout dvds and for my cardio I've been spinning, biking, running, intervals, etc....I'm thinking that when Insanity comes out, that meshed with p90x would be a great combo....hearing someone else say the same thing makes me feel more confident that what i'm doing is the right way....!